Salutations everyone! I wanted to take a moment and welcome all of you who have found this blog. Whether you were specifically searching for something like this or whether you just got bored and stumbled around aimlessly until you came upon it makes no difference to me: I’m thankful all the same for your virtual attendance.

This is a movie blog but I hesitate to use the words “film,” “critic,” or “criticism” when describing it. While I’ve found myself guilty of using those words as much as anyone, they’ve always had a pretentious air about them that I’ve never really liked. They imbue movies and talking about them with all the clinical coldness of a high school Biology class dissecting a frog, and I personally never liked that kind of assignment.

I’m a guy who loves movies and enjoys talking about them. I treasure the moments of elation or nostalgia that a great movie can give me just as much as I enjoy throwing a tirade over one that I couldn’t stand. I love sharing all these movies (and even a few television shows), both the excellent and the shitty, with anyone who cares to listen. If you’re such a person, then stop by and read what I think. Throw in comments and make it a discussion. Whether you agree or think I’m full of it doesn’t bother me: it’s all welcome. As are you to this site.

I hope you enjoy, and once again, welcome.



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